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 Hello There Everyone!

This page is a very important part of this website! It has been created to keep all of you INFORMED!! On this page, we will be stating to you what we are currently working towards as well as future goals!  

The success of this new line of guitar getting to market depends greatly on support from people like YOU!! Without supporter help, we financially do not have the needed funds to move this onward in a timely manner. We would eventually get there... but we'd rather it happen sooner than later! Our intent will always be clearly stated to you, so that you will know what your donation is going towards! We are excited and glad you are choosing to be a part of this whole development! You may have not been around for the conception... but you can be here for its BIRTH! and Be A Part Of It NOW!!


Below, is  the notice that was sent out to all those who had pledged from our initial fundraiser campaign through Kickstarter that ended on March 16th, 2012. Describing our current intentions with the monies that has been pledged so far and how we plan to utilize them if they re-donate them.

3/16/12:  First I'd like to say, I appreciate your continued support and pledges more than you can fathom. The love and care you share is heart felt! Unfortunately, since we did not meet our goal by the deadline, your donations will be refunded to you BUT we do have a "BACK UP PLAN"!

Over these past couple of weeks my IT team has created my Brand New Website and implemented a way for your gracious donations to come directly to my company to help materialize this goal. The amount of money that has been pledged, Thus far, Is enough to finish the first prototype; which is an essential part of this whole idea getting off the ground floor!

The prototype builder, B.A. Ferguson Guitar, has informed me that once we have the funds in his hands, the prototype should be ready in 2 weeks. This fully functional (and tested) prototype will enable me to demonstrate the Acoustic Tremolo for you; and be the tangible start of putting the "Predice Hendricks" line of Acoustic Tremolo guitar's into your own hands. We are asking that you will please follow through with your original donation amount on the new website. We have created the perfect secure portal for you to know that you are part of this music revolution, not just a hope of it happening. You will notice that there has been some slight modifications to the incentives, as well as some very nice ones added in by B.A. Fersuson Guitars.

I know you will enjoy that the site is more than just about your support in helping materialize a musical revolution, but also to learn more about me, Predice Hendricks the inventor of the Acoustic Tremolo, as well as my business', my background, and everything there is to know about me. There are no words to thank you enough for your continued love and support. With your help all things are possible and without you I would have no one to share my music with. I am looking forward to demonstrating the Acoustic Tremolo for you, and seeing other musicians play them as well! March 16 at 10:32pm

3/28/12:  Copied and posted from entry written by Terri Mason-Hendricks on the Acoustic Tremolo Group page: Thanks again to those who have donated so far, it is through your contributions that this is going on right now! Carlos Villamar, Richard Hiltz, Matthew Balasi, Vickie Colby, & Patti Mason! YOUR AWESOME!! I am excited to post that Predice is on his way to Hartsville to spend the next couple of days with Boot up in the shop working on the completion of the FIRST Prototype!! They promised me they would take plenty of pictures, maybe even record a video for us!  This is... History in the Making!!  March 28 at 8:08pm

4/4/12: Posted from Boot Arreola, Builder of the Prototype: Looks like things are coming together!!! Here's a picture of the assembled cube! April 4 at 8:00pm near Hartsville, SC


Posted from Builder: Boot Arreola,

Hey folks! Here I am standing on Predice's invention. I've scalloped the structure and it is still strong enough to hold ME up!!! I'm at about 260lbs!!! And this is before adding the little bit of reinforcement it needs.

This is also where the question can be answered about whether or not the sound of the guitar will be adversely affected by the tremolo. The answer is NO!!! The sound will be just like a regular acoustic. The mass of this entire structure will be relatively the same as some of the regular bracing and bridge plate of a normal acoustic guitar. This tremolo will produce the same sustain and resonance through out!!!
April 5 at 9:21am near Hartsville, SC




From Boot Arreola/ Builder:  Been working on the proto-type and getting some wood together for a second. Kind of a back up plan, in case some kinks happen with the first, I can make corrections on the second. Thanks to Predice and my friend Albert, we've got some new machines running that are aiding me quite well. Can't wait to show you guys the finished thing! Predice had talked about coming here again in a few weeks or days. Really excited about that! April 12 at 9:06am near Hartsville, SC


From Boot Arreola: Hey friends! We have the "cube" assembled, the top is almost ready to be glued to the sides of the body, and I just finished milling the bridge plate from some very hard aluminum. Light weight, yet sturdy. It will be fitted with a wooden part so that the aluminum will remain completely hidden. April 20 at 8:01pm