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This page I am comprising MY MUSIC HISTORY... 

With over 28 years of musical background experience, the list of numerous bands I have played with is quite extensive! 

I'll try to recall as much of it as I can...

** In the Beginning : Family **

'' Jade " 1970-85 [Funk,Rock,R&B,Jazz,Originals] My first experiences with live music started here with my Uncles band from as far back as I can remember. They  taught me about gear set up and sound engineering and helped in paving the way for me by watching them perform with major act's like Parliament Funkadelic, Kansas, Doobie Brothers, Ohio Players, Prince, Rick James, Dixie Dregs and  more!

** Jr. High and High School **

'' Destiny '' 1979-85 [R&B,Funk] Atlantic Starr, Prince,The Gap Band, Rick James, Parliament Funkadelic, Hall & Oates

'' Silverthorn '' 1983-85 [Rock] cover/originals - AC/DC, Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Van Halen, Molly Hatchet, Rush... This is when I really indulged my self in writing my own Original song's!

** After School **

I landed jobs running sound for various local bands...

'' Midnight Drive'' 1985-87 - [Classic rock]

'' Retro Active'' 1987-88 - [Classic rock]

'' Left Wing Fascist'' 1988-91 - [Original Alternative rock/       Classic Punk]

'' Giaconda Smile'' 1990-92'' - [Original blues rock/funk]

'' Dirt Farmer'' 1992-94'' - [Original blues rock/funk/fusion]

During these times,I still continued to write my originals which brought me to...

** The Original Years **

'' Wonder Twins'' 1989-91'' [Comedy Punk], I played Drums

'' Funk Junkie'' -  1991 - [Alt. rock/funk], special guest guitarist.

'' Under the Influence'' 1991-95 - [Experimental Metal/fusion] 

    I played Guitar and wrote all the music.

'' The Tim Morgan Band' 1995-96 - [Blues], I played Bass.

** The Outer Banks,NC Years **

'' Fillerup '' 1995-96 Acoustic Trio, Covers/originals

'' Diamond Shoals '' 1995-96 - [Bluegrass] Covers/originals

'' Version '' 1996-1998 - [Reggae,Originals]  I ran sound,

      played Drums, Guitar, and Percussion.

'' That's Cool and Stuff ' 1996-Present... Originals/ Classic 

      Rock, and Variety.

* There were many other small Projects that went on, but too

      many to name, most were jam sessions.

You will find much more information on my present band, That's Cool and Stuff, by going to our facebook page.

For all those reading this, If you have any photos or videos you would like to share of Predice, please use the Predice CONTACT PAGE and send it on over. We'd LOVE to add it here into his Band History page!  Thanks So Much!